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an image of Sarah, it shows her from the chest up. She's waving her hands next to her face as she's talking. She wears her brown faux tortoise-shell glasses and her brown striped jumper. She looks awesome. There's a construction of some old branches covered in fairy lights behind her. The lights are turned off.

Sarah Updates

Ramblings about Etsy statistics and design choices.

A weekly behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build an online business with a chronic illness.

Sarah Updates - Week 31

What we talked about this week:

  • working on the website for our publishing company (for PlanMade books)
  • taking some time off because of last week's stress issues

Sarah Updates - Week 30

What we talked about this week:

  • health update
  • our final decision on Etsy ads
  • moving forward with print products

Sarah Updates - Week 29

What we talked about this week:

  • first budget planner sold!
  • how much do our Etsy ads cost and what cost-per-click we could afford based on the %1 conversion rule
  • exploring the concept of 'ease' in business

Sarah Updates - Week 28

What we talked about this week:

  • what the Etsy ads? 
  • print vs. digital, what's the future for our products?

Sarah Updates - Week 27

What we talked about this week:

  • The results of the Etsy labor day sale
  • My thoughts on how the Etsy algorithm impacts shops during big sales
  • Why we postponed this week's experiment

Sarah Updates - Week 26

What we talked about this week:

  • Etsy experiment; what happened with the renew button?
  • Did Vimeo close down my account for spam??
  • Deciding to use a custom way of hosting these weekly updates with webflow and dropbox.

Sarah Updates - Week 25

What we talked about this week:

  • The first two weeks of the Etsy experiment, where are we at?

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  • BU: Business Update.
  • BWB: Built Without Burnout, a course by Jason & Caroline Zook. The reason I started doing these weekly check-in videos. Part of Wandering Aimfully, their creative business mastermind group.
  • Dysautonomia: Sarah's chronic illness. Malfunctioning of the autonomic nervous system. Characterized by a heart rate increase of at least 30 beats per minute upon standing.
  • Gastroparesis: Severe delayed stomach emptying caused by, in Sarah's case, dysautonomia. Cause of occasional burps happening in the recording.
  • PlanMade: My mum's business. The one I'm helping her launch. All about organization and thoughtful planning.
  • Sarah Frison: me, the person recording these videos each week. Health coach and pastry chef by training. Design lover and website builder by experience. Branding enthusiast via online courses. Chronically ill.
  • WAIM: Wandering Aimfully. See 'BWB'
  • Webflow: online website build platform.
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Diiiggg it! Love the focus on Etsy specifically
-David Sherry, founder of  Death to the Stock Photo💀 and  the Creative Caffeine newsletter

Wondering what happened to weeks 1-24?

They were recorded as part of an online business building course and are only available to people who took part.

You'll catch up quickly!

In the first six (6!) months we talked about:

Topics will now include:

Also, why deadheading is the best thing about gardening.

These videos are made to get out of my own head. I'd love it if you watched but I really don't care if you don't like them. 💃